Register your Fundraising Workshop

Some “how-tos” that you can use to fundraise for Justice for Indigenous Women

STEP 1 Fill out our contact form:

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    School/Organization Name

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    STEP 2 Send a cheque for $15.00 made out to Justice for Indigenous Women to “Justice for Indigenous Women, 2 Craftsman Private, Ottawa ON K1Y 4W9”. The 15 dollars covers 30 “information tags” used in creating jewellery pieces. If you need additional tags, please add 50 cents for each one.

    NOTE:  There are two types of Information Tags – please let us know which ones you prefer.

    The first is for jewelry that is made after students learn about the history of violence against Indigenous women in Canada, and why. Students then learn how to act as allies of FNMI women and girls in their ongoing struggles for justice and equality.

    The second  This tag has a picture of the FNCFCS’s “Spirit Bear” on the front, and on the inside of the tag are the social justice actions that the donor should complete after receiving the jewelry. A quote by Shannen Koostachin, an Attawapiskat First Nations youth leader, can be printed in the empty blue space.

    STEP 3 Using the Teacher’s Resource,  present your jewellery-making workshop.

    STEP 4  After your jewellery workshop has finished and you know the amount you have fundraised, email us at We will then email an invoice for that amount; please have your organization send the funds by cheque, as per the details in Step 1. An acknowledgement of support will be made on the J4IW site. In the 2017 campaign year, the monies will then be forwarded to the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society for ongoing education, equity, and reconciliation work.

    STEP 5 Based on the notes you send, a  post will be published on the J4IW website to tell the story of the group’s journey with Project of Heart and J4IW.

    STEP 6 A certificate of completion will be sent to your school/institution for recognition of your allyship and responding to the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.