What we do

Justice For Indigenous Women is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada. We aim to educate the public about the systemic injustices faced by Indigenous women and girls.

By taking part in our jewelry workshops, participants – including educators, faith groups, and individual Canadians – create tangible and personal reminders of the importance of reconciliation in the lives of Indigenous girls and women. These jewelry pieces are symbols of reconciliation, and underline our core values of the importance of education and the value of Aboriginal culture, people, and perspectives.

Our education workshops are also a way to challenge traditional “settler” views of Canada’s relationship with Indigenous peoples. In all our work and programming, we affirm and support the voices and perspectives of Indigenous women and communities.

We also contribute to Indigenous social justice through our fundraising work. By channeling the money we raise toward Indigenous-centred organizations, we collaborate with these groups to support the important perspectives they bring to achieving reconciliation in Canada.