Mission Statement

The mission of J4IW is to promote justice for Indigenous women and girls.

Value Statement:

“Affirming the strength of Inuit, Metis and First Nations peoples, our work is grounded in the values of listening and honouring, knowledge and education, collaboration and justice.”

Core Values:

We listen and honour

• “We believe you” — we acknowledge, validate and believe survivors’ stories of both state and personal violence and the resilience of survivors
• We recognize the capacity for personal change and transformation
• We honour and support the the work of community helpers and leaders, and grassroots organizations

We recognize the power of, and engage in knowledge and education

• We support social justice education for meaningful change at all levels.
• We challenge stereotypes, negative attitudes, and false beliefs through an honest look at Canada’s history and relationship with Indigenous peoples.
• We value various sources and types of knowledge (e.g. through conversation with Survivors, Elders, and traditional knowledge-keepers)

We value collaboration

• We demonstrate respect
• We enhance community outreach to support campaigns and grassroots organizations
• We share resources and materials developed by Indigenous peoples and organizations
• We support the amplification of women and girls’ voices
• We support, and do not speak for families of Indigenous women or communities

We work for justice

• We support various avenues of redress leading to systemic change

These values are interconnected – each piece informs, influences and guides the others. As we listen, we gain Knowledge. As we learn, we build the relationships and trust needed to Collaborate. As we Collaborate, we come to understand the meaning of Justice for those affected. As we develop our understanding of Justice, we must Listen and Honour. And so the cycle continues.