Q. What is the relationship between J4IW and Project of Heart?

A. If you are familiar with Project of Heart you can think of J4IW as another meaningful option when you are looking at Social Justice actions — it’s a natural fit for Step 5 of the POH learning module. If your starting place is J4IW, Project of Heart is the “backstory” behind many of the decorated tiles used in J4IW jewellery. The J4IW activity builds on the meaning and purpose of POH’s decorated tiles, and brings them into a new context.

Q. What does J4IW do with the money it raises?

A.In line with our Mission Statement and Core Values, we fund and promote groups already doing excellent work to achieve better outcomes and opportunities for Indigenous women and girls. For 2016-2017, we are supporting the work of the First Nations Child and Family Caring society.

Q. Who is J4IW?

A. Our Governing Circle is made up of activists and Elders, artists and educators. We are a mix of Indigenous and settler, and our home territories stretch from Quebec to British Columbia.