Family of Kitigan-Zibi woman killed by police receives apology at last

Image: Bridget Tolley (top) holding picture of her mother Gladys Tolley

Friday, April 22nd, was a long time coming. And it’s not justice yet, but it’s a promising start.

After almost 21 years, Bridgit Tolley, the daughter of Gladys Tolley, received an official apology from the Montreal Police about the way in which the investigation into the death of her mother was handled. Read about it here:

Bridgit’s mom, Gladys, was hit by a Surete du Quebec police cruiser while she was crossing Highway 105 near her home of Kitigan Zibi, and after 3 months, her file was closed without telling the family and no one had been charged. Her death was deemed “accidental”. 

Bridgit’s determination to have the Sûreté du Québec  held accountable became a driving force in her activism to hold those responsible for the disappearances and deaths of MMIWG2S+ people, accountable. Bridget worked for years with NWAC’s “Sisters in Spirit” initiative, begun in 2008, and after their federal funding was cut by the Harper government, she developed her own campaign, “Families of Sisters in Spirit”, where her advocacy for all MMIWG2S+ people would continue. She has been fighting for over two decades to have the investigation re-opened.You can follow Bridget on Twitter at @beetolley and @Famsisterspiri